Large scale adversarial
Large scale adversarial machine learning by Ian Goodfellow: general reference

GAN image super resolution with decent relationship to project due to also being on GAN image processing

Perhaps the first paper to truly explain GANs. Very important general reference

Generates images with text description as input. Quite closely related to project.

Video generation with GAN. Somehow related to project

Image colorization, closely related to project.

Our algorithm will likely be strongly related to the image colorization paper and the image generation with text description as input paper.

Github for image colourization
Github repository for Colorful image colourization. The author is from Berkeley EECS, so it shouldn't be too hard to contact him if something goes wrong.

Scribbler sketch to image synthesis
Website for a good sketch to image synthesis project. Contains a link to a Github page but the link only returns 404. Perhaps worth a try to contact the authors and asking them whether we can have their code

Auto-painter sketch to image synthesis
Paper on another sketch to image synthesis project. Not found on Github (perhaps because some authors were from Samsung). Perhaps also worth contacting.

The only paper for which code can be found.